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Resolving Git Merge Conflicts

Git Merge Tutorial

Syntax highlighting in Gatsby with prism-react-renderer & MDX

Modern Plywood Blanket Chest

Git Stash Tutorial

How to Fix Git Stash Merge Conflicts

How to Grep multiple files

Fix "sed: -I or -i may not be used with stdin"

Learn Git

Git Cherry Pick Tutorial

How to Fix Git Cherry Pick Merge Conflicts

Modern Plywood Coffee Table

A Simple Introduction to Sed

A Simple Introduction to Grep

3 Years in Review (2019 - 2022): A small developer blog by the numbers

Non-cliché gifts for programmers under $25

Non-cliché gifts for programmers under $50

Non-cliché gifts for programmers under $150

The Modern Coder Holiday Gift Guide - 2022

Deploy to S3 using SiteLeaf: A Step by Step Guide

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a NAS with Samba

DON'T Install PLEX on a Raspberry Pi, but here's instructions anyways...

Open VPN on Raspberry Pi: Installation & Debugging Instructions

Install NGINX on Raspberry PI

How to Install PHP on Raspberry Pi with NGINX

Raspberry Pi Monitoring with EZ Server Monitor

Stress Testing on the Raspberry Pi with Sysbench

Install and Configure Gollum Wiki on Raspberry Pi

How to Install a Proxy on Raspberry Pi using Tinyproxy

How to Install Raspotify on a Raspberry Pi

The ULTIMATE Raspberry Pi Homeserver Starter Guide

Simple TMUX cheatsheet & reference

My micro desk setup in NYC (2022)

My 4 ZSH Terminal Essentials

The Modern Coder 2.0 // I'm back, but what happened? And what's next?

Techniques for rewriting Git history

Combining Git commits with squash

A better Git workflow with rebase

Sublime Text Basics - Launch Sublime from the terminal

Sublime Text Basics - Installing a theme

Building a music app with ReactJS, Lambda, S3 and the Spotify API

Finding your fit in the tech industry: advice for computer scientists looking for their first job

The only thing that matters in the end is doing

Customize syntax specific settings in Sublime Text 3

Complacency is my enemy

Moving out

All about command line search

How to Fix Loose SA Keycap Stabilizer Inserts

DIY Copper and Wood Monitor Stand

An Introduction to Combining Grep and Sed

3 Essential TMUX Customizations

Add Git branch information to your ZSH prompt