Setup the ultimate homeserver with just a simple Raspberry Pi. All the services described below are compatable with the Pi, and include step-by-step installation instructions and debugging steps. Enjoy!

Turn your Pi into a NAS
Media server
Open source VPN daemon
A powerful webserver


Install and run PHP with NGINX
Basic monitoring UI
A simple git & markdown Wiki platform
A lightweight http(s) proxy daemon
Configure your Raspberry Pi as a Spotify Connect device

Coming Soon

  • PiHole: Network-wide ad blocking
  • UniFi Controller: Central hub for Ubiquiti networking devices
  • Homer: Static homepage for your homeserver
  • Spotifyd: Open source Spotify client
  • Express VPN: How to connect to an ExpressVPN endpoint with OpenVPN
  • Nord VPN: How to connect to a Nord VPN endpoint with OpenVPN

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Raspberry Pi is a trademark of Raspberry Pi Ltd. Services described in this guide are compatable with, and run on, the Raspberry Pi.